CBC Mandya - Year of Hunger - Pledge

Year of Hunger - Pledge

Dear God,/


I thank you for the gift of life / and the food served each day / to nourish me.


I know that your Son / is the bread of life / who nourishes / the entire humanity.


In our country, / there are many / who are hungry.


May I never / waste my food / under any / circumstances.


Teach me to buy / only what is / absolutely necessary / in my life.


Help me / to eat modestly / what I need / to strengthen my body /

and to do daily work.


Inspire me / to share my food / with those / who are Hungry.


May I not / shut my ears / to the cries / of the poor.


Our mother earth / produces enough / for everyone./ May I live / little more justly.


May I and my family / and my parish / support the activities / for the year of Hunger.


O Jesus,/ as you become / food for the hungry,/ may I join / in your efforts / to feed the hungry / and build a world / where people have / enough to eat.