CBC Mandya Year Plan


CBC Mandya - Year Plan 2022 - 2023
Date Day Event
04-Jun-22 Saturday Adoration - Academic -Year Beginning - Online @ 7:00pm
05-Jun-22 Sunday Inauguration of Catechism Class for the Academic Year 2022 - 2023
19-Jun-22 Sunday Parent Orientation - All parishes to organise parent orientation before 19th June 22. Attendance and Minutes to be taken and shared to CBC Mandya by 26th June 2022
25-Jun-22 Saturday Student Retreat I & Adoration - Online. Time: 7:00pm & 8:00pm
10-Jul-22 Sunday First Delegates Meeting
Venue:  St Mary's Eucharistic Center, Bylakere
Time: 2:30pm
09-Jul-22 Saturday Doubt Clearing Session 1 Online. Time: 7:00pm
24-Jul-22 Sunday Student Bible Exam - I
Portion: Luke Chapter 7 to 9; Time: 11:00am
07-Aug-22 Sunday Family Bible Quiz
Portion: Joshua 1 to 12; Sirach 23 to 26; Mark 9 to 16; 1 Corinthians 9 to 16
Venue: Holy Family Forane Church, Hongasandra; Time: 2:30pm
28-Aug-22 Sunday Angels Meet
Venue:  Christ the King Church, Hullahalli; Time: 9:00am
24-Sep-22 Saturday Teachers Training Session 1 - Online. Time: 8:00pm
25-Sep-22 Sunday Logos Quiz
Portion: Joshua 1 to 12; Sirach 23 to 26; Mark 9 to 16; 1 Corinthians 9 to 16
16-Oct-22 Sunday Student Bible Exam - II
Portion: Luke Chapter 10 to 12; Time: 11:00am
23-Oct-22 Sunday Last date to conduct Forane Level Bible Kalotsavam by respective Foranes
30-Oct-22 Sunday Last date to submit registration form for Diocese Level Bible Kalotsavam
04 & 05-Nov-22 Friday & Saturday Distribution of First Sem Question Papers
06-Nov-22 Sunday First Semester Exam; Time: 11:00am
06-Nov-22 Sunday Second Delegates Meeting
Venue: St. Francis De Sales Church, Jekkur; Time: 2:30pm
13-Nov-22 Sunday Bible Kalotsavam - Literary Events
Venue: St Thomas Forane Church, Jalahalli; Time: 2:00pm
20-Nov-22 Sunday Bible Kalotsavam - Stage Events - Individual & Group
Venue: St Thomas Forane Church, Jalahalli; Time: 8:00am
2,3 & 4 Dec 22 Fri, Sat, Sun Annual Retreat & Adoration Online.
Time: 7:00pm & 8:00pm
08-Jan-23 Sunday Diocese Level Student Bible Quiz
Portion: Luke Chapter 7 to 12
Venue: Santhome Church, Hulimavu; Time: 2:30pm
14-Jan-23 Saturday Doubt Clearing Session 3 Online; Time: 7:00pm
04-Feb-23 Saturday Doubt Clearing Session 4 Online; Time: 7:00pm
17-Feb-23 & 18-Feb-23 Friday & Saturday Distribution of Second Sem Question Papers
18-Feb-23 Saturday Teachers Training Session 2 - Online.
Time: 8:00pm
19-Feb-23 Sunday Second Semester Exam; Time: 11:00am
25-Feb-23 Saturday Adoration - Academic -Year End; Time: 7:00pm
26-Feb-23 Sunday Vocation Promotion
Venue: St Mary’s Church, Basavangar-Kaggasdasapura;
Time: 2:30pm
05-Mar-23 Sunday Year Planning Meeting
Venue: St Joseph Church, Babhusahipalya; Time: 2:30pm
28-May-23 Sunday Annual Award Ceremony - AY 2022 - 2023
Venue: TBC